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Astoria Doors

Astoria Doors

Astoria Doors

Embrace your home’s architecture and make a grand entrance with a customized door that reflects your sophisticated taste.

Beautiful on the inside and out, As¬toria Upscale doors are available in steel and fiberglass. Choose among a multitude of wonderful glass de¬signs, configurations and options to create a door that reflects your dis¬tinctive style, while increasing the value of your home.

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Astoria Doors

Rated Energy Star, our energy-efficient doors meet current building code re¬quirements. Made to perform flawlessly, Astoria Upscale doors require minimal maintenance, while providing excellent durability and enduring designs that withstand the test of time. 

Whether coming home or leaving, close the door knowing it has been constructed with the best materials and fitted with the finest hardware for added security and peace of mind.

Make your door stand out with any of the three style:

Astoria Values Series
Available in many sizes to suit your home, this aluminum-clad steel door comes with selected options such as two-inch brickmoulds, custom colours and a wide range of standard colours.

Astoria Upscale Metro Series
The Upscale Metro door is also available in a palette of custom and standard colours. Clad in vinyl or vinyl wrap this steel door is offered in a variety of brickmoulds and a selection of other options.

Astoria Upscale Suburbia Series
A fiberglass PVC-laminated door, the Astoria Upscale is available in a smooth or wood grain finish with matching frame and several other options. Choose among a wide range of custom or standard colours for the smooth finish and seven stain colours for the wood grain finish.