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Hybrid Casement

Collection Hybrid Line

Hybrid Casement

Hybrid Casement

Collection Hybrid Line

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Black Commercial Brown Sable Grey

NAFS-08 Ratings

Performance Grade Performance Class Air Max Size Tested
70 CW A3 31 x 59

Energy Star Ratings

Energy Star Zones ER
1, 2 X

*Energy Star Ratings may vary with glass and accessory options.

Hybrid Casement Collection Hybrid Line

Our new line of Hybrid windows, available in 5 standard colours as well as full range of custom colours to suit your needs. The Casement, comes fully operable in double or triple glazing in both a contemporary and colonial sash option. 

The Hybrid Window consists of vinyl interior and aluminum exterior.  This is done to take the energy performance of vinyl combined with the powder coated finish of aluminum to make a long lasting, high performance window.

3 frame sizes are available in 5”, 5 5/16”, and 6 9/16”, the Hybrid
system is designed to meet your needs. Bringing the window closer to the warm side by simply extending the frame, our Hybrid Window reduces condensation and improves energy efficiency.