How self-cleaning glass works

How self-cleaning glass works

December 06, 2019, 12:48 PM
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Waking up to a beautiful, sunny day is always a great feeling. But when you look out your windows to admire the view and all you see are specks of dirt all over your window glass, it’s safe to say that view is ruined! 
Keeping the windows of our home clean isn’t always a fun or easy job. Some windows may be difficult to reach, and you may have so many that the job becomes very time consuming.
Fortunately, now you can let Mother Nature take care of this job by installing  windows equipped with self-cleaning glass. Just like the invention of the self-cleaning oven, these windows help to eliminate a chore from our busy schedule. 
But how does self-cleaning glass work? Well, it only takes a little sun and some rain!

Self-cleaning glass window: it looks like your average window, but… 

You probably know that this type of glass is unlike any other glass.  Windows made with self-cleaning glass look very similar to regular windows. The difference is that they are  equipped with this notable self-cleaning technology! Because of a special layer of titanium dioxide, when in contact with the sun, self-cleaning glass creates a chemical reaction which gets rid of the organic deposits. 
Basically, the sun's UV rays loosen the dirt from the glass, and the rain washes that dirt away. Therefore, your windows will stay cleaner for longer, without any worries! 

The many advantages of self-cleaning glass 

In addition to saving you time and money, self-cleaning glass has several other significant advantages: 
It is designed and tested to last (provided of course the glass is not damaged with chemicals or blades); 
The titanium dioxide coating used in this new technology will not change the transparency or quality of your windows; 
It gives you a clear view through fogged windows in rainy weather;
It also dries faster than a conventional window; 
This technology drastically reduces time spent on maintenance;
Less maintenance also means less cleaning products that are harmful to the environment!

How does a self-cleaning coating work? 

You might be wondering how exactly self-cleaning glass works 
When the sun’s UV rays come into contact with the layer of titanium dioxide present on self-cleaning glass, it causes a safe but effective chemical reaction that causes dirt to decompose. Once the dirt has decomposed, it becomes free from the glass and will easily wash away when it rains. Self-cleaning glass also has a thin layer of silicone dioxide. This layer makes the surface of the glass super smooth, which ensures that water rinses off evenly and evaporates quickly, reducing water marks.  


Does the idea of no longer fighting with the dirt that accumulates on your windows excite you? Your ARMOR windows and doors dealers are here to guide you and answer all of your questions about our products, warranties, and prices. 
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