AmesburyTruth™ Hardware now at Armor!

AmesburyTruth™ Hardware now at Armor!

December 06, 2019, 02:09 PM
Materials | Windows | Industry news

We are pleased to announce that we have consolidated our hardware offering and will now be using AmesburyTruth™ Hardware on all of our Casement and Awning windows.

Manufacturers throughout North America turn to AmesburyTruth™ every day to build windows and doors for their innovative design solutions, proven products, professional services, and trusted advice. They have set the standard for quality and durability with their trustworthy components for decades.

Here are some of the characteristics and benefits of their hardware, and the reasons why we are so excited about switching to AmesburyTruth™ components for casement and awning windows!

Lock Handles and Keepers

  • Solid and secure
  • Multi-point system (single point if size is too small on awning)
  • Provide smooth movement


  • Open and close with incredible ease
  • Sealable housing to reduce air and water infiltration


  • Provide tamper resistance and beautiful exterior sightlines
  • Made from heavy gauge steel to ensure durability

Tie Bars

  • The tie bar pins are metal, instead of the current plastic pins
  • Adjustment can be made to the tie bar pins to pull the sash inward for a tighter seal
  • There are more touch points along the length of the sash which also helps to create an airtight seal

Why AmesburyTruth?

AmesburyTruth hardware is sturdy and will defend your house against the elements for years to come. Their continuous research and development ensures that their hardware sets the standard in the fenestration industry for quality and innovation.